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ImageMover Mobile

What devices and operating system versions are supported?

The ImageMover Mobile app works for both Apple iOS and Android devices. The versions supported are:

  • iOS version 8 or higher
  • Android version 4.4 or higher
How do I get the ImageMover Mobile app? Is it free?

Download the ImageMover app from either Apple iTunes or Google Play. Yes, it is free!

Am I billed for using it?

Nope! It's free to download. End users are not billed for using it.

I have the ImageMover Mobile app. What do I do next?

Access the ImageMover web page that displays the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)#QR code. The QR code will be integrated into your organization's EHR or patient portal.

What is a QR code?

"QR code" stands for "Quick Response code." It is a mobile phone readable barcode that can store certain information. At ImageMoverMD, we use the QR code to tell your mobile device where to upload your images. Once you scan the QR code with the ImageMover mobile app, you can take photos and immediately send them. No logins. No VPNs.

I work in a hospital. In my EHR, how do I launch ImageMover?

Look for the button in your EHR that launches the ImageMover web page. If you are unable to locate this button, reach out to your IT support team or contact ImageMoverMD Support.

I work in a hospital. Do I have to use medical device management or VPN software?

Not necessarily. Although the security of our system has been audited by third-party cybersecurity firms, your organization may have a policy that requires you to add mobile device management (MDM) or enterprise mobility management (EMM) software. The ImageMover app does not save images on your device after sending them.

I am a patient. How do I launch ImageMover from my EHR patient portal (Epic MyChart, Cerner Patient Portal, etc.)?

This feature must be enabled by the healthcare organization that you visit. Once installed, the patient portal will display the ImageMover web page and you can answer questions and upload photos during an e-visit. If you are unable to locate this web page, please reach out to your healthcare provider or contact ImageMoverMD Support.

Can I upload photos that are already on my phone?

Yes, there is an option to add existing photos on your phone.

After taking a few photos, I receive a "Send now before taking more photos" message from the application. Am I allowed to take more photos?

Yes, the app does not limit the total number of images you can send, but there is a limit of how many images you can send at one time. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Scan the QR code with your ImageMover app.
  2. Take photos (up to the limit set by the healthcare organization).
  3. Send photos.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you send as many photos as required.

Until you scan the QR code again, all images will be saved together as one exam. You should not re-scan the QR code unless there has been a long period of inactivity and your session times out.

Do I need to re-scan the QR code after taking 5 (or more) photos?

No, it is not necessary. Re-scan a QR code only when your session times out. The time period varies by hospital, so please check with your hospital's IT team or support desk if you continue to have issues when taking photos.

Can I send video from the ImageMover app? 

This feature is released for iOS devices. Please contact ImageMoverMD Support if you would like to activate this feature at your site.

Can I use a webcam?

Not yet, but we are working on it!

How do I take a good photo?

Good medical photos can be easy to take with these tips. A point of reference is essential. In general, you will need at least two photos to provide a good idea of your subject:

  1. A zoomed out picture that contains the area of interest in relation other parts of the body.
  2. A zoomed in picture that contains only the area of interest.
  3. To make the area of interest clearer, you may want to add another photo from a slightly different angle.

These guidelines can change based on the area of interest, as well as the reason for sending the photo.

If enabled at your site, you can also use the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)#Body Region Mapping feature to select the appropriate body region for your photo.

How do I know if the quality of my photo is OK?

After taking the image, use the thumbnail to confirm image quality. If you want to delete a photo, simply touch and hold the image thumbnail.

Can I delete a photo?

Yes, if you want to delete a photo, simply touch and hold the image thumbnail.

Can I copy/paste an image from PACS into my EHR?

Yes, you can copy an image and paste it into any EHR note section.

What date and time do you use for the photo?

We use the date and time that the photo was transmitted to the ImageMover Server. For existing photos on your camera roll or photo gallery, the date and time that the image was taken is usually used, but it depends on your mobile device.

Can I specify the Study Description?

Yes, you can customize the Study Description. Please reach out to your hospital's IT support team or contact ImageMoverMD Support to associate a specific Study Description with your images. ImageMover can also display an appropriate Study Description based on the department name.

Can I override the default Study Description selection?

Yes, this can be configured. Please reach out to your hospital's IT support team or contact ImageMoverMD Support for more information.

Can I change the Study Descriptions list?

Yes, this can be configured. Please reach out to your hospital's IT support team or contact ImageMoverMD Support for more information.

I can't scan the QR code with my Android device.

This issue often occurs while using ImageMover Mobile application on Android devices. We are improving the Android version of the app recognize QR codes at closer distances. Move your camera about two feet away from the QR code. The Android app has an easier time reading the QR code from a distance.

How do I add a body region to a photo?

If this feature is enabled, you can associate a body region with the photo you have just taken. Look for an icon in the top left corner of the image viewer with the "Select..." option:

Touch this option to display the Body Region Map:

Touch "Front" or "Back" to choose the orientation and then select the appropriate body region for your photo.

How do I add a body region to an existing photo?

After you have taken a photo or added an existing photo, a thumbnail will appear:

Touch the thumbnail to add or change the body region. Touching the thumbnail will enlarge it. If this feature is enabled, an icon will appear in the top right corner with the "Select..." option.

Touch this option to display the Body Region Map:

Touch "Front" or "Back" to choose the orientation and then select the appropriate body region for your photo.

ImageMover Media

Can I upload JPEG photos from my computer?

Yes, you can upload JPEG files.

Can I upload my medical images stored on DICOM CD/DVD?

Yes, you can upload DICOM CDs/DVDs.

What kinds of files can I upload?

You can upload a variety of file types, including JPEGs, MPEGs, and DICOM files.

Will my doctor be able to view my medical images once I upload them?

Yes, your doctor will have access to your medical images after they are uploaded.

What browsers are supported? Is there any differences I will notice while using ImageMover in different browsers?

ImageMover Media works best with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. For Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10 and 11 browsers, you will need to select rather than the folder. To select multiple files within a folder, you can use one of the following options to efficiently select the files:

  1. Use the Select All keyboard shortcut on your OS
    • Windows: "Ctrl" key + "A"
    • Mac: "Command" key + "A"
  2. Click on the first file in the directory, hold the "Shift" key, and select the last file within the directory
  3. Click and drag the mouse pointer over all the files within the directory

General Troubleshooting

Do I have to grant access to the camera for the ImageMover app to function?

Yes, this permission is necessary to start the app. The first step is to scan a QR barcode, which requires access to the camera.

I am unable to open the app. It appears to be closing once I touch the ImageMover icon.

Did you enable access to the camera when you first downloaded the ImageMover app? Camera access is required to scan the QR code on the first screen. To enable this feature, navigate to Settings on your device, identify the ImageMover app, and adjust the permissions to enable the camera. Please contact ImageMoverMD Support if you are still having issues.

How do I know my photos and/or medical images were received?

You should see a "success" message while sending or uploading images. If any image fails to transmit, you will see the total number of images that were successfully transmitted. Inside the hospital, you can confirm the number of images sent by checking the archive where the images are stored.

What happens if I see a "session timeout" message?

Once the QR code has been scanned, a session timer begins. If the photos are transmitted after the session timer period expires, you will see this message: "Your session has timed out. For security purposes you must rescan a valid QR code and retake photos." (as shown below).

If you receive this error message, refresh the ImageMover session by clicking the button that launches ImageMover. Next, re-scan the QR code.

Error Code 500

If the ImageMover Mobile app cannot communicate with the ImageMover Server, you may receive this error message: "Error code 500." This message is likely related to a network connectivity issue.

Please follow these recommendations to ensure successful transmission:

  • Do not turn off the mobile device or switch apps.
  • Do not disable or change your network connection. Changing network access points or switching between WiFi and a mobile network will interrupt transmission.

If you receive this error message, check your network connectivity before resending. If you continue to receive this error message, please contact ImageMoverMD Support.

I am having trouble sending photos. What do I do?

First, make sure you have a good internet connection. Slow network connectivity can affect the transmission of images to the ImageMover Server.

If you still experience issues, please reach out to ImageMoverMD support with more details.

What happens to photos if the archive (PACS/VNA) goes down?

Your photos will be securely (and temporarily) stored in a separate directory on the ImageMover Server until the PACS/VNA returns to service. ImageMover Support is notified, as well as the hospital's IT support team.

What events do you log for HIPAA compliance?

All processing events are logged. Please contact ImageMoverMD Support for more information.

I get an error when scanning the QR code.

If you are in airplane mode or your network connection is blocked from the internet, you will receive this error message when attempting to scan a QR code:

On iOS devices - "QR Code Error: Error communicating with server. Please check your network connectivity before trying again."

On Android devices - "Error. Unable to verify QR code."

If you see this warning, ensure that you are not in airplane mode and can connect to the correct network. If you continue to receive this warning, please contact ImageMoverMD Support.

Conformance Statements


For additional information, please contact us:


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